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Celebration of Discipline – Prayer — 2 Comments

  1. I find it hard to understand Gods will. I hear I’m to pray and if it’s Gods will it will be done. So, if I pray and it doesn’t happen, does that mean it’s not Gods will? How am I to confidently pray Gods will? How do you not get discouraged when you pray and it doesn’t come to pass? If everything happens to Gods will what difference does my praying do?

  2. I found it interesting that a good starting place in prayer is the prayer of intercession. I think I can be more clear in my praying when I’m praying for someone else. The book explains prayer very interesting. I loved how it said we shouldn’t ask ‘if it be your will’ in our prayers. We should be in tune so we know what Gods’ Will is. He tells us. His Holy Spirit guides us. We need to take the time to be with him and listen. We need to know we’re going to mess up but he loves us unconditionally. We make mistakes and we learn and we keep trying. Remember in the Bible that cloud of witnesses who individually prayed and even in their imperfect ways got God to change his mind? Doesn’t that just blow you away? God will change his mind for you…. for me…for little ol us because he loves us so very much.