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Celebration of Discipline – Meditation — 3 Comments

  1. When I meditate, I find my mind tries to butt in with stuff I need to do or berate me on things I didn’t do right. I find closing my eyes and concentrating on breathing as a good way to start my meditation. If thoughts try to crowd in, I picture them floating off down a stream and away for another time. I need the peace to hear God. Most times we just ‘chill’. We hang out together. I found He wants to be with me. That surprised me at first. I don’t feel worthy. But the great thing is HE ACCEPTS ME JUST AS I AM AND WHERE I AM in my walk. I’m a mess but he loves me anyway and listens to what I have to say when I pray. What a marvelous miracle that is.

    • I think what you have just described is the experience most people have. I too must focus on God’s grace. I think of particular stories in the Bible. I recall how he has touched my life. I move my mind out of the darkness and into the light. It is refreshing and leaves me happy about life. I am sometimes moved to pass that light on to someone else and when I do that I am even more encouraged in my discipleship. Keep meditating.

  2. “if you believe that we live in a universe created by the infinite-personal God who delights in our communion with him, you will see meditation as communication between the Lover and the one beloved.”