The season of Pentecost is the longest season in the Christian Church year. It begins the Monday following the Day of Pentecost and lasts until the season of Advent begins. It lasts anywhere between 22 and 27 weeks, depending on when Easter takes place. We do not know when the season of Pentecost began. Christians have been celebrating the Day of Pentecost prior to the second century. It is believed they began celebrating the season of Pentecost around the second to third century.

The season of Pentecost is often referred to as the non-festival half of the church year because during this time the Christian Church does not celebrate a major festival commemorating the life of Jesus. It is also referred to as Ordinary Time. The word “ordinal” simply means counted time.

During the season of Pentecost, the Christian Church focuses on the teachings of Jesus.

On the first Sunday after Pentecost, the Christian Church celebrates Trinity Sunday. On this Sunday, Christians are reminded the one true God is a Triune God. He is three persons (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit), but just one God. In some Christian churches, the season of Pentecost is also referred to as the Trinity Season. The color of the paraments on Holy Trinity Sunday is white to signify how God is holy and he makes us holy.

During the season of Pentecost, the Christian Churches celebrate other special festivals such as Mission Fest, Reformation Sunday in the Lutheran Church, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, and others. The color of the paraments for season of Pentecost is green to symbolize how Christians grow in their faith through God’s Word.

Source: Schultz Column Portage Daily Register