A Collection of Sunday’s Worship Sermons

Did you miss Sunday’s Sermon? Are you interested in visiting our church and would like to listen to a sermon before you come to get a taste of what we’re about? Sermons by Reverend Robert Mitchell. Children’s Worship Sermons are also available.

Great God Almighty, Free at Last

Church on a Mission. “Hope Against All Hope

Church on a Mission. First Sunday in Lent – “God Promises, God Remembers

Ash Wednesday

Church on a Mission. Transfiguration of Our Lord “You’ll Know When We Get There

Church on a Mission. “Finding Balance in a Discombobulated Time

Church on a Mission: “Like a Ton of Bricks

Church on a Mission: “Now

Church on a Mission: “That’s why God Gave you Two Eyes and One Mouth

Church on a Mission: Have You Seen the Beloved?

Church on a Mission: Beyond Time and Space, We Meet Jesus


  • Church on a Mission: “Please!”
Laura’s Favorite Music
Special Retirement Sermon