A Collection of Sunday Sermons

Did you miss Sunday’s Sermon? Are you interested in visiting our church and would like to listen to a sermon before you come to get a taste of what we’re about?

Sermons are usually by Reverend Robert Mitchell. Children’s services available most weeks.

Church on a Mission: “Everyday….Oh You of Little Faith, Everyday 8/9/20

Church on a Mission: “Who Feeds Mama? 8/2/20

Church on a Mission: “You Don’t Know, Until You Know, Then You Know” 7/26/20

Church on a Mission:”Remind Me, Again Lord 7/19/20

Church on a Mission: 7/12/20
“God’s Word was not made for Silos or Sanctuaries”

Church on a Mission 7/5/20
Week 5  “How Shall We Live Our Lives”

Church on a Mission 6/28/20
Week 4 “Don’t Stop – Thinking About Tomorrow”

Church on a Mission 6/21/20
Week 3 “There’s Somebody Greater Than Phil”

Church on a Mission 6/14/20
Week 2 “Jesus was no Mary Poppins”

Church on a Mission 6/7/20
Week 1 “The Sending”

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Special Retirement Sermon

7th Sunday of Easter

6th Sunday of Easter

5th Sunday of Easter

4th Sunday of Easter

CTL Service 4/26/20

Sunday after Easter 4/19/20

Easter Sunday Service 4/19/20

Palm Sunday 4/5/20

Lent 5th Sunday 3/29/20

CTL Service 3/22/20