Did you miss Sunday’s Sermon? Are you interested in visiting our church and would like to listen to a sermon before you come to get a taste of what we’re about? Sermons by Reverend Robert Mitchell. Sermons are listed from most recent to oldest. Children’s Worship Sermons are also available. Remember that the latest sermon will be available on Saturday.

Sunday’s Worship Sermons

Filming Sermon
Filming Sermon

Word Message and Prayers Sep 19

I Don’t Think So

September 5 Worship by Dr. Robert Roney, D. Min

August 29 Worship by Pastor Dale Sillik

Who Chooses Who

Chew On This

Who the Heck is Jesus?

Are You Still Hungry?

God Says YES

He Restores My Soul

A NOT So Happy Ending

Can You Hear Me Now?

If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another

Living in a World That is Out of Whack

For We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Sunday June 6

Trinity Sunday

Pentecost Sunday – “Filled With the Holy Spirit

Bob, Could You Put in a Good Word for Me?”

Words and Deeds

Roots and Branches

Who is Jesus?

Action, Revelation and Reflection

Peace I Leave You; Peace I Give You

Have You Seen Jesus?


Imagine a Church with No Walls

For Better, For Worse

Great God Almighty, Free at Last

Church on a Mission. “Hope Against All Hope

Church on a Mission. First Sunday in Lent – “God Promises, God Remembers

Ash Wednesday

Church on a Mission. Transfiguration of Our Lord “You’ll Know When We Get There

Church on a Mission. “Finding Balance in a Discombobulated Time

Church on a Mission: “Like a Ton of Bricks

Church on a Mission: “Now

Church on a Mission: “That’s why God Gave you Two Eyes and One Mouth

Church on a Mission: Have You Seen the Beloved?

Church on a Mission: Beyond Time and Space, We Meet Jesus

Sunday’s Worship Sermons from Last Year

Laura’s Favorite Music
Special Retirement Sermon