Pastor Mitchell taught a course on The Book of Revelation using materials written my N.T. Wright and other sources. The study books can be found on Kindle or you can use your own source.  The primary book for the course is called, “Revelation: 22 Studies for Individuals and Groups“. This book gives short commentaries on the text and questions follow. For those who would like to go deeper into the text you can also order, “Revelation for Everyone“, also by N.T.Wright which includes the Bible verses and a longer commentary. Reading the Chapters of the Book of Revelation prior to class is very helpful. Regardless of study materials you use or don’t, you will get something out of this amazing Bible study.

The class was recorded and is available to all those interested (see below for links. This it is a great story of hope for our time.

As a way of better understanding Revelation, particularly chapters, 13 and 14, I strongly encourage you to go to The Bible Project and view the the second half of Revelation and Daniel. See how John uses Daniel to help write his book. Both books warn against empires. Both books make clear that the God will win, therefore stay faithful to God. If you are looking for more info on Revelation and Daniel you can go to Enter the Bible and it will give you more info from a different angle. There is also a video on apocalyptic literature.

Intro to Revelation
Chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-4
Chapters 4-5
Chapters 5-6
Chapters 7-8
Chapters 9-10
Chapters 11-12
Chapters 13-14 (contains a recap)
Chapters 15-16
Chapters 17-19
*Chapters 20
Chapters 21-22
Book of Revelation taught by Pastor Mitchell

*Note on dispensationalism Pastor recommends: