3/21-23/03 – First Men’s Retreat held at Cove Crest Retreat Center in Tiger, Georgia, topic, “Daily Discipleship: Living Out your Faith.”

5/16-18/03 – First Women’s Retreat held at Cove Crest Retreat Center in Tiger, Georgia, topic “A River Runs Through It.”

4/27, 5/3, 5/4/03 – CTL Players perform “The Wizard of Oz” starring Kelly Bryant and Sally Olson as Dorothy.

7/03 – Youth drama team formed

7/6/03 – First Sunday ~ First Step, held the first Sunday of each month, gives visitors a chance to meet the pastor and learn more about the church.

9/03 – Praise band called School of Rock added to the contemporary worship service.

10/03 – New digital grand piano and electronic drum set purchased.

10/03 – Bill Beeman and his volunteers will give the church a gift of stained glass lanterns for the sanctuary.

12/14/03 – Sue Schroer will help launch new church website. 


1/12/04 – Church Council approves Eagle Scout project by Chris Johnson to create outdoor church worship area in back of church property by river.

4/14/04 – Craft Club begins meeting.

4/18/04 – Interest meeting for “20 or 30 Something” fellowship group.

5/23/04 – Christ the Lord celebrates 25 years of ministry. Church history was on display, special music from the past was played and great food was enjoyed.

6/04 – Fundraiser for parking lot repaving begins

6/14/04 – Church Council approves Christ the Lord sponsorship of refugee Bantu family through World Relief.

10/18/04 – Approval by Church Council for Danny Mills’ Eagle Scout project to repair playground equipment and construct a chain link fence.

11/30/04 – Annette Odom retires as Administrative Assistant.

12/4/04 – Under the direction of Bobby Yeargin, an art class called Paint and Palette Club begins.


1/15/05 – Jeannie Ostergaard hired as Administrative Assistant.

1/05 – Scholarship fund for seminarians established.

5/05 – Task force assigned to improve traffic and reduce noise in the narthex.

6/05 – Brandi Jandt, a student at Texas Lutheran University, serves as a summer intern.

6/17/05 – First congregational camping trip, organized  by Robin Eggleston, held at Bolding Mill Campground on Lake Lanier.

7/05 – Recorder group is formed.

7/24/05 – Youth and adults travel to Piedras Negras, Mexico, on a mission trip.

9/05 – Juanita Hood invites members to knit or crochet prayer shawls for sick and shut-ins.

9/05 – Volunteers from Christ the Lord help with Hurricane Katrina recovery at Bethel Lutheran Church in Biloxi, Mississippi.

9/11/05 – Two new Music Ministries groups, youth handbells and CTL Rhythm Section, beginpracticing.

9/12/05 – Over $4,500 raised for hurricane disaster relief. Council passed motion to send one half of funds raised to Lutheran Disaster Relief and one half to local churches in Biloxi, Mississippi.

10/05 – Christ the Lord begins gathering supplies, such as: beef jerky, baby wipes sunscreen, etc., to help support our troops in Iraq.

11/05 – Dinner Club being formed

12/23/05 – First youth-led Christmas Eve-Eve Service held.


2/06 – Church Council passes a motion to let Gwinnett County use church fellowship hall for voter polling place.

5/20/06 – Shari Trotter performs with Youth Encounter band “Captive Free.”

7/06 – 27 youth and six chaperones attended National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas.

12/31/06 – Pastor Terri Stagner-Collier leaves Christ the Lord to accept a call to Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.


8/19/07 – Congregation votes to extend call to the Reverend Julie Ehlers King to serve as Associate Pastor of Adult Education and Senior Youth.

3/10/07 – Open House held at Lutheranch in Haralson County.

6/3/07 — Christ the Lord begins using new ELW worship books.

7/14-21/07 – Mission trip taken to Piedras Negras, Mexico.

7/14/07 – New preschool social group called FROGS (Families, Relying on God and Socializing) begin meeting.

8/13/07 – Congregation approves Pastor Mitchell’s participation as a Discernment Advocate with Project Connect for a one-year commitment.


2/9/08 – First CARE Team Meeting held for all interested in a caring/visitation ministry led by Pastor Julie Ehlers King.

5/26/08 – Emilie Bean celebrates her 100th birthday.

6/08 – Keith James becomes a summer intern at Christ the Lord.

6/08 – Basketball goals donated.

7/08 – A donation of $10,000 received earmarked for seminary fund with the hope that this gift will grow with contributions from others.

9/08 – New Sunday school class begins for two and three year olds.

10/08 – “Care” packages sent in the fall and spring to Christ the Lord college-age youth.


3/21/09 – First youth Yard Sale.

6/15-19/09 – Preteen week-long day camp begins for rising fifth, sixth and seventh grades serving various organizations in the community and at church.

4/09 – Jobseekers Network begins each Tuesday for the unemployed which shares job leads and provides a forum answering questions about job searching techniques.

6/09 – Louis Tillman chosen by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans as the Southeast Volunteer of the Year in the youth-young adult category for the Southeast region.

5/31/09 – Pastor Mitchell honored for 25 years as an ordained minister.

8/09 – Sunday’s sermons now available on Christ the Lord website.

8/09 – Church courtyard update to include concrete tables and arbor.

7/09 – Jeannie Ostergaard retires as Administrative Assistant.

10/09 – Website being redesigned by Cindy Arnold using updated technology.

11/09 – Two monthly book clubs started meeting one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.


1/10/10 – Christ the Lord Facebook page set up.

2/21/10 – Arnie Kraby publishes first printed service bulletin containing all the words and musicfor 8 and 11 am traditional service.

2/10 – Plans for landscaping church courtyard presented to Church Council by Ruth Olson.

5/10 – Implementation Committee presents to Church Council interior design changes for classrooms, pastor’s office, hallways and narthex. Also added etched signage for exterior doors, flat screen televisions for classrooms and narthex, and projector and screen to sanctuary.

8/10 – Little Friends of Faith, held in conjunction with Friends of Faith, serves families with children under the age of four.

10/24/10 – A special meeting of the congregation was held. Resolution passed to refinance church loan over a term of up to 15 years with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

10/10 – New slogan “Caring for People Caring for People” introduced.

11/10 – First e-news created using Constant Contact.

12/10 – Keith James hired as Senior Youth Leader.


2/12/11 – Church Council approved Camden Mitchell’s Eagle Scout project which will include directional signs in church parking lot and in church building and cleanup of trail to outdoor sanctuary.

4/8/11 – Shari Trotter approved by ELCA candidacy ministry to serve as diaconate.

8/11 – Teen Friends of Faith added to Wednesday evening for middle and high school youth.


4/12 – ELCA begins building Lutheranch, a large retreat center located in Tallapoosa, Georgia.

6/11/12 – New contemporary service bulletin presented to Church Council by Pat Olson.

8/13/12 – Keith James approved to be Adult Education leader. This position added to his duties as Senior Youth Leader.

11/12/12 – Special Needs Sunday School class begins meeting.


2/24/13 – Outreach committee hosts Italian dinner for Gwinnett County Domestic Violence Shelter.

2/27/13 – Two Air Bob Basketball Tournaments challenge over 35 young men in our community and a few Christ the Lord athletes. Group organized by Kevin Hempsall.

6/1/13 – Janice Aldridge hired as Parish Administrator replacing Julie Gulley.

6/30/13 – Julie Gulley retires as Parish Administer after 29 years.

6/13 – Preteen and teen mission camps started for older youth.

8/13 – Welcome Ministry launches a monthly ministry event “Ministry of the Month.”

8/13 – Replaced HVAC system in the Sunday school wing.

9/13 – Christ the Lord becomes a founding church for Gwinnett Medical Center’s Faith Community Network which combines the strengths of the hospital and local congregations by assisting patients with their health and aftercare needs.


3/12/14 – First Taize Lenten service.

9/14 – Men’s Bible Study group held Community Fun Night at the Rainbow Village, a transitional housing community for homeless families with children, feeding approximately 50 people.

10/11/14 – Saturday morning yoga classes offered for first time.

12/2/14 – First Taize Advent service.

12/24/14 – Men’s Quartet performs for first time.


4/15 – New heating and air system installed in sanctuary by Roland Couillard and Carl Stier.

7/15 – Senior Youth Group attend ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit. Adam Doner and Akugbe Imudia perform in the Southeastern Synod Youth Worship Band.


1/11/16 – Church Council approved motion to give the pastor of Christ the Lord permission to perform gay marriages.

2/16 – Stephanie Laurio leads group of volunteers making “Night Night” bags for homeless children.

8/16 – Online directory takes shape under the direction of Kelli Robinson.

8/16 – Peer Ministry group added to Youth Ministry designed to empower our high school youth with leadership roles.

9/16 – Volunteers begin working on a brand new playground made mostly of metal. The overall concept was designed by Jeff Davis, Michael Penn, Carl Stier, and Diane Thomas.

12/16 – Keith James leaves staff position.


5/17 – Due to hail and wind damage, roof replaced through insurance.

7/17 – New Men’s Group started under the leadership of Jim Clark.

10/7/17 – Louis Tillman IV ordained as an ELCA pastor.

10/31/17 – Jeniffer Tillman ordained as an ELCA pastor.

11/17 – Table Ministries, a group that works with the homeless in the area, starts meeting at church.


3/18 – Library moved from hallway to a former office. It was planned and executed by Amanda Robinson as a part of her Girl Scout Silver Award.

5/18 – Drywall and water pipe repairs, due to freezing pipe, completed in narthex and sacristy.

7/18 – Ten Christ the Lord youth attend ELCA National Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas.

8/18 – New carpeting installed in narthex and sanctuary.  Because of water line break, cost of carpeting in sanctuary covered by insurance.

9/18 – Cell tower agreement with Tower Comm signed by Church Council.

12/18 – Due to insufficient funding of 2019 budget, Vickie Davis released from position as Youth Ministries director. Diane Thomas becomes Director of Faith Formation, which combines children and youth ministries.

***Christ the Lord Lutheran Church History compiled by Julie Gulley, 2003=2018